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4 Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Colors Designers Never Stop Using and Will Never be out of Style




Say goodbye to ‘past it’ and hello to timeless kitchen cabinet colors with these expert-approved kitchen hues and tones that never go out of style.

Kitchens are a space where people tend to spend a lot of their time. Whether that’s while preparing a meal, dining, or sitting around a table with friends or family, it’s an area that craves to be inviting, as well as one you will not get sick of seeing.

There are many ways to approach the design and colorway of a modern kitchen, so it can be hard to know where to start. Different colors offer different eases of cleaning, cultivate different moods, and bring different energies into the overall harmony of your home. With an array of points to consider, you may be left stalled in the paint section, telling yourself that the cabinets your eyeballs loathe will be fine as they are.

If you’re simply looking for something neat, chic and timeless, you’ve come to the right place. We asked interior designers and other experts in home design what cabinet colors they believe compliment a dining space to effortlessly create a timeless, sophisticated kitchen. Here’s what they had to say.


Opting for a natural wooden finish doesnt; always lead to a modern farmhouse kitchen. In fact, it’s the perfect way to inject a drop of calm. Serving as a compliment to most other colors in a room, you never have to worry about such a timeless, natural look going out of style or not being interchangeable with the rest of your decor.

‘We’re seeing a big return to natural wood finishes for cabinetry – and for good reason,’ says Paul Kropp, Co-Founder at Bakes & Kropps. ‘The contrast of natural wood against more refined materials strikes a balance that feels timeless and contemporary.’

Whether you’re seeking the warmth of rich walnuts or oaks, or perhaps the deep luxury provided by mahogany, there’s bound to be a wooden finish out there to make your kitchen vision come true.

‘Wood cabinets bring warmth, neutrality, a richness, natural beauty, and timeless character to any kitchen,’ says Elana Mendelson, CEO and Principal Designer at Elana Designs. ‘As it’s available in many species, tones and finishes, wood is an easy choice to coordinate with a multitude of colors and design styles.’

Though remember to keep an eye on your wood finishes if you’re intending to keep them for a long time. If they are beginning to look worn and faded it may be time for a replacement.

‘High-quality wood and light white paint pair especially well as they both tend to go with everything, but older worn oak, for example, simply gives the sign of an outdated house,’ says Lindsey Harn, Residential Real Estate Agent at the Lindsey Harn Group. ‘An outdated home gives the feel of something that will require work and money. You can always add new hardware or make adaptations to change the look and feel of your space.’


Dusty green is the perfect color for a space seeking to feel grounded and abundant in peace. Being lighter than a rich green, means your space will appear larger and brighter. Plus, what better paint choice to accompany wooden or wicker kitchen accents? A born combination!

Many homeowners feel afraid to go with a color straying too far from neutral in their rooms, believing that they run the risk of being “too bold” or “off trend”. However, the muted nature of this paint hue could be a great place to start for those wishing to take a step away from their usual interior choices.

‘A timeless kitchen doesn’t need to be all white,’ says Dan Mazzarini, Principal and Creative Director at BHDM Design. ‘In this Austin home [see image above], we went with a dusty green [‘Cromwell Gray’] inspired by the surrounding landscape. The understated hue adds lasting interest without being too in your face.’

A gorgeous balance struck between classy, wholesome and intriguing – a sure-fire way to make entering your kitchen space a pleasure.


A color combo often making people’s mind skip to scenes of coastal backdrops and seaside promenades may not be the first place your mind goes to for a kitchen interior. However, the logic behind it more than adds up.

According to Lina Galvao, Co-Founder of Curated Nest Interiors: ‘I find that white and blue are both associated with cleanliness and people feel comfortable when a kitchen is clean! As long as other materials and colors are used, white and blue don’t have to feel sterile or cold – blue is always in style and works well for so many looks – coastal, glam, modern if done in a lacquered finish, traditional, transitional…’ – the list goes on!

The clean, fresh vibe associated with blue makes it a common choice for people’s home bathrooms, but if you’re looking to add a more regal feel to your dining space, a deeper tone such as Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy may be just what you’re looking for.

Accenting the navy space with white in this context will serve as a great way to break up an otherwise dark color, helping to open up the room. Combine that with some tasteful stand-out decor and you’ll have yourself a killer cookery.


Although a timeless space doesn’t have to be painted white, it’s a classic choice for a reason. From its ability to make the most out of natural light, boasting proven health benefits, to the way it serves as the perfect backdrop for practically any decor, the historic, safe choice that white provides might be the best one for you.

‘White is a great color to make a space feel bigger and brighter, and also gives us a nice backdrop for decor, like beautifully plated foods or simply a bowl of fruit,’ says Lina. ‘It’s a color that’s easy to digest that almost anyone can feel good around.’

Tastefully choosing decor to either subtly compliment or purposefully juxtapose the blank canvas that your newly painted cabinets provide is one of the best ways to add visual interest to your kitchen space. Just be careful not to go overboard with the decor – white kitchen cabinets are a great way to bring a pop of freshness and visual cleanliness to a space (which is exactly what somewhere where food prep occurs needs!), but an excess of decor-turned-clutter will detract from the classy simplicity you’ve created.

‘The way it’s styled and designed will change over time, but the white base [for a space such as a kitchen] is always a go-to,’ says Lina.

Article originally published by Livingetc.