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6 Things People With Nice-Smelling Entryways Never Do for a More Welcoming and Inviting Space




First impressions are everything, so don’t fall victim to entryway scent mistakes.

The first thing a guest is likely to notice when they enter your home is the scent that greets them at the door. Unfortunately, entryways just happen to be an offloading zone for shoes and coats, while also often housing a bunch of pet belongings. Despite all of the possible causes for less-than-inviting odors, there are a couple of quick fixes that will aromatically transform the space.

When it comes to making your home smell amazing, a candle can only do so much. Incorporating these simple practices on a daily basis will upgrade your home into an aromatic haven. A malodorous home paints the picture of an unclean space and in many ways, the two concepts are interlinked.

California-based real estate agent Lindsey Harn has seen her fair share of fabulous homes and reaffirms the notion that the few minutes spent in the entryway cements a person’s first impression of your home. ‘A mess on the table or bundled blankets on the floor gives the sign a “messy” person lives there and may not care for the home,’ she says. ‘Even the smallest details of having the blinds not rolled up at the same length can leave a bad impression.’
Besides the visual impression, however, the olfactory one has a big role to play. We spoke to a couple of home experts to discover the six things that people with nice-smelling entryways never do that you should avoid, too. Trust us and give these efficient hacks a try before you have your next house guest over – it’ll make all the difference.



We understand that coats and jackets (especially damp ones) are hung up right as you enter your home. This is one habit you may need to kick in order to keep your entryway free from that musty odor we all know and hate. There’s a reason we don’t hang wet clothes in a cupboard and that is the same reason you should attempt to dry them before throwing them up on your coat rack.

Alessandro Gazzo of Emily’s Maids reckons that this is one of the root causes of an awful-smelling entryway. ‘The coats do not get enough ventilation and sunlight and that moisture generates odor’, says Alessandro. He suggests placing them near a heat/ventilation source first or leaving them in a place where the sun hits them to speed up the drying process.



No one wants to meet the sight of muddy shoes as soon as they enter a home – not you and certainly not your guests. It may be far easier to simply kick aside your dirty footwear once you make your way through the door, but it will not assist in ridding your home of putrid smells.

Unpleasant scent aside, leaving dirty shoes strewn about a closed entryway is extremely unhygienic. ‘If your shoes are wet, they can create a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that can make your entryway smell even worse’, says Will Cotter, CEO of Happy Cleans. Alessandro suggests storing footwear in a shoe rack and if you can find one with slatted doors, it’ll be all the better for you to ventilate your shoes and keep your home smelling clean.



Turning a blind eye to stains is a major home care red flag. Ignoring a spill (no matter how small) is all fun and games until a rotting odor emanates from said rug, stinking up the space along the way.

‘The longer you leave a spill unattended, the more likely it is that odor-causing bacteria and mold will take hold, leaving you with a room that smells less than fresh. So act fast, clean it up, and dry everything thoroughly to avoid musty smells’, advises Will. Swiftly tending to a spill may seem tedious but it will pay off in the long run.

Although you may not be able to prevent all accidental spills, dusting your shoes off before entering your home can keep up your home’s clean appearance and fragrance, so invest in a good doormat like this one from Target, designed by Studio Mcgee, for your front door.



‘Dirty dog bowls, a dog bed, and kitty litter on display are all major no-nos,’ says realtor Lindsey Harn. A slew of feeding bowls, leashes, and litter boxes placed by the doorway aren’t a sight anyone wants to be met with, least of all your guests. It may seem convenient for you and your pet, but the lack of airflow by the entryway is probably the reason you can’t seem to get that stinky smell out.

Teaching your furry friends basic house rules and educating yourself on the concept of pet cleanup can be a big help. ‘Proper training can go a long way, but just to be sure to keep litter boxes in a ventilated area away from the main living spaces,’ says Will. ‘And if accidents happen, use enzyme-based cleaners.’ Switch things up and the next time your adorable pet welcomes you, the not-so-welcoming smells will be a problem of the past.



This one is specifically for all of the indoor plant lovers. We’ll be the first to admit that decorating with plants or a vase full of blooming flowers are great ways to brighten up an entryway – and often offer a lovely fragrance, too – but the plants aren’t the problem. It’s the leftover water that is often left forgotten at the pit of the vase.

In all honesty, we’ve been guilty of this and so has Will. ‘Stagnant water smells really bad and can be a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes,’ he says. ‘To avoid the hassle, give everything a good clean every now and then. If you really want to make things easy, you could even use a hydroponic or self-watering system.’ Take Will’s advice to keep your plants healthy and your house fresh.



Entryways usually lack airflow due to the lack of vents and windows leading to the door. Combine wet coats, muddy shoes, and no proper ventilation and you’ll have a smelly disaster on your hands – especially if you happen to live in a humidity-prone region.

While airing the house by leaving the door open is one way to get rid of stubborn smells, you can also turn to some appliances for a helping hand. ‘If you don’t have any alternative ventilation system, I recommend purchasing a dehumidifier,’ says Alessandro. ‘They will make the space feel lighter by absorbing excessive moisture and transforming it into water.’ He also suggests adding an essential oil diffuser or a wax melter once the fresh air starts to circulate – both safer options in place of a candle burning in tight spaces.

Going the extra mile while cleaning your house has incredible benefits for your health and your home, too. Sticking to habits that make your home smell good steps will make your space so much more inviting, so bid the putrid odors farewell and make your entryway a welcoming space to be!

Article originally published by Livingetc.