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San Luis Obispo High on List – Buying a Second Home

Study Ranks San Luis Obispo High on List Where People are Buying a Second Home



For those looking to buy a second home, the San Luis Obispo area might be the spot to look.

A study by Smart Asset ranked the San Luis Obispo area 25th out of more than 400 metro areas across the United States where people are buying second homes.

“If you are a buyer, I would say don’t give up, it’s actually a really good time to be looking for a home,” says Lindsey Harn, realtor for Christie’s International Real Estate.

Harn said that most people who want to buy a second house either want to use it as a vacation home or as an investment property.
“We have a very, very high demand here and a very, very low supply,” Harn continues.

For the Hanson’s, living in San Luis Obispo is something they knew they would come back to after living in New York for a time.
Jessica Hanson shares that it is not uncommon for people to have a second home in San Luis Obispo.

“We know many members are not even permanent residents here, and they have second residents in this area because it is such a draw,” Jessica says.

Harn tells me that a lack of inventory as a home buyer or someone moving to the area, means it could take longer for someone looking to buy a house.


This story was originally published April 03, 2023 6:34 PM.